Express Yourself Through Your Writing

Many people write in many different ways. Not any of the ways in which people write is ever wrong.

Some people may need to have a crash course on certain things, such as grammar, or something as simple as spelling, which can always be corrected by the helpful spelling checks provided.

The main thing is to get your thoughts and information out there.

I personally, like writing about things that touch my heart. I am very emotional and believe that no matter what a person writes about, they must be open and honest about anything that they want to communicate with others about.

I do my best to arrange my writings in my own way. So that, no matter what I am speaking about, people will know that it came from me.

Even if I find something from another source, that I like and feel that it will fit into what I want to convey to others, I make sure to give credit where credit is due and then to put my thoughts and feelings about that piece of information and what it meant to me.

Everyone has an opinion on something. Everyone is human and experiences emotions, good or bad. (Unless those aliens from outer space finally did land, lol) Why not make it work to your advantage?

Writing can be a wonderous thing.

Instead of banging your head up against the wall, why not let your heart write for a change. Forget about right and wrong, punctuation and grammer or what people may like or not like.


After it is on paper, wordpad, wherever, then go back and correct the spelling, grammer, etc.

No one will ever know who you are or what you stand for if you don’t just get it out there.

I have always had an issue when it came to verbally speaking with others. However, I have discovered that not only do I communicate better with others in writing, I also really enjoy it. Just think of someone who’s mouth never stops….well, my pen/fingers never stop.

I have found that I can use my writing as an outlet for my emotions and I end up feeling so free and happy when I can put my thoughts on the paper/computer screen to share with others.

Also, when you write, stay positive, no matter what you are speaking of. This is very important. Not only to you but to the reader.

You may think that this could be difficult, but it really isn’t.

I have found that when I make myself look at my writings in a positive way, I not only am able to convey my message in a positive way to others, but I am also able to stay more positive in my own life.

We each must nurture ourselves in ways that we find is best to help us through our own little crises.

If you haven’t found your niche yet, then try putting it to paper/notepad.

Who knows, you could be the next famous writer of our time.

Best of luck to you and go ahead and put that pen to paper or put those fingers to the keyboard.

See what you got in you. Bet you will surprise yourself.


Darleen Lanham

Because It’s All About YOU! and Changing Yourself and Your Life for the Better


4 thoughts on “Express Yourself Through Your Writing

  1. Thank you for your comments. This post as with the majority of my posts come from my own head and my own heart. If I ever write something that is not mine, I will make sure to give credit. I do, however, get my inspiration from many places, but the end result is from my heart. I hope you enjoy and I hope to see you all back many times. Thank you again.

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