Make It Your Own

When reading another persons blog or writings of any kind, I believe that you can determine when someone is putting out their own content and when someone isn’t.

Of course, there are many times that we all put out information from the company that we are promoting. However, even then, there is a certain flare to sharing company information and being able to make it your own.

I put my heart and soul in everything that I do. I know some of you see that, and I appreciate it so much when you let me know how much you care for what I have put out there.

I understand that I don’t always write about something that everyone can relate to, but I make a point of always trying to see all sides of any topic that I may be referring to.

Over the past year, I feel honored to have been able to share with many others, at least all of those who are willing to hear my suggestions, on the many different ideas I have, on how to go about writing and how to present it to the public.

I make sure to always be upfront with people and will admit that I do not know it all and I am also in a learning process with each passing day. However, for those that have taken the time to listen and then adjust their own way of writing, incorporating a few of the little suggestions that I have made to them, they have ALL come back and told me just how much of a difference it has made to how their sites are now being viewed.

Some people have a flare for writing, some don’t. Some people are not so obvious when sharing something that they may have got from another person or site, while some are QUITE obvious in their attempt to copy another’s work.

All I have to say about that, is that they may think that they are getting over on everyone and building themselves up in some one’s eyes, but I promise you, that if they are not putting their OWN heart and soul into what they write and present to the public, they will not survive out here.

A person and their reputation is just like any company or product in the world today. They have to be introduced in the right way, at the right time and then prove themselves on a continuous basis to guarantee their longevity and success in the public eye.

If the foundation of that company, product or person is paper-thin or see through, and does not really offer or share a look inside to what really makes them tick, then they will not stand a chance of staying on the porch with the BIG DOGS.

The name of the game out here is to build relationships. To be able to build long lasting relationships where people look forward to anything you have to share with them, if nothing else just to see what crazy or new thoughts are running through your mind for that day. You have to have your own WHY, REASON, and OBJECTIVE for being out here in the first place.

I have to wonder how can one build on something that doesn’t really exist. But I do believe that life has a way of working things out and that for those that play fair and respect others and what the ones before them have worked so hard to build, then all will be fine in the end.

I have to believe that as long as I continue to do as I know is right and what is proving to work well for me so far, then life will have a way of taking care of those that want to use someone else to step on to achieve their future success.

If along the way, I discover that I can learn something from this type of person, hopefully something that I can use in a positive way to better do what I am already doing, then I will be glad to do that.

Until then, it may be kind of fun to watch and see just how far these people can push the envelope.

As always, I have a way of writing a book, but the main thing here is for everyone to develop their own person, their own style, their own content as much as possible. If you do not know or understand how to go about developing your own brand and build on it, there are many people out here willing to help.

Just like everything in life, there is a right and a wrong way to do things. If you wish to have the ultimate success in life, it would behoove you to not step on others along the way and what they have established and worked hard to build. Work to find your own niche in the industry and then you too will be branded in your own way.

Because It’s All About YOU! and Changing Yourself and Your Life for the Better

Darleen Lanham


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