Desire Within

Sitting alone in your room, looking at four empty walls, 
Wanting more out of life, but unsure on how to start at all. 

With each passing day, you feel yourself wasting away, 
Knowing nothing will change if you don’t kick yourself into start, 
Having a desire deep within, to be more than you ever have been, 
If only you had someone to share what you feel in your heart. 

You look for clues around your room,
Looking for answers on how to stop all your gloom.

You notice your room begins to unfold, 
A mystery you never noticed before, 
As your eyes wander, they begin to detect, 
Ordinary objects that seem to reflect. 

The roof says, aim high, 
The fan says, be cool, 
The clock ticks for every precious minute, 
The window shows the world outside, 
And the mirror reflects you in it. 

The calendar reminds you to stay up to date, 
As the door slowly opens as if to tell you, 
To keep those appointments you make. 

Your life is yours and yours alone, 
So stop sitting there by the phone.                                                                                     

Just as your room seemed to come alive, 
If only you would try, you would be very surprised. 

There is a world waiting for you and all that you can do, 
And how you live it, you have the only clue. 

Get off your rump and start leaping over all those bumps, 
Join the others who have decided, to live life for all it’s worth, 
Understanding that you have the last word on how you live life from birth. 

 Because It’s All About YOU! and Changing Yourself and Your Life for the Better


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