To Lead With Your Heart

Did you lose thisLet me tell you how hard it is to lead your life with your heart. 

I may joke quite a bit about not having it all together in my head or in my life, but I do really believe that I am a sensible person and know right from wrong and know all that I should to be able to handle everyday situations.

Now, I will tell you right now, that just as I always do with my posts, I write from my heart and I do what I can to share exactly what I feel, right or wrong.

That may not be the right thing to do in many people’s eyes, but that is who I am and what I wish to share with everyone.

But I must also say that, by doing things this way, I am hurt quite a bit throughout time.

I am sure you can see how this can happen, right?

I trust everyone until they give me a reason NOT to trust them. I hold everyone that I meet with the utmost respect and hope and pray that they do the same for me.

However, I do experience many let downs throughout my life and disappointments with many people that I meet.

I wish that everyone could be open to life and to others as I am, but unfortunately they are not.

Many people are out here to only satisfy themselves and do not care one bit about anyone else. I honestly pray for these people and wish them all the best. 

I truly care for all the people that I connect with and I hope that they would see just how much I do care for them.

I write this now, because I feel in some ways that I have been betrayed because I have allowed myself to open up to someone who may have done nothing but stomp on my feelings. Of course, I will overcome and go on. 

With writing this and posting it out to the entire world, I am sure I will be questioned as to what has happened. However, my main thought as always, is to look out for my fellow associates, friends and loyal connections. I may never tell exactly to what I am referring to here, but please know that for anyone, absolutely anyone that cares at all for anyone else out here, please, I beg of you to be open, honest and be yourself.

Stop trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

Life is much better when people connect and are honest with others. 

Again, I post this from my heart and wish EVERYONE much success and happiness in all that you wish to do in your life.

Because It’s All About YOU! and Changing Yourself and Your Life for the Better

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