Cycle of Life

images (7)Have you ever given any thought to the way a person begins life and how they 
may end life? 

The human life cycle consists of 4 stages: birth, growth, adult, and elderly. 

A baby is born, without teeth, without control of their bodily functions, 
without the ability to feed themselves, care for themselves in any way. 

With love, nurturing, and years of being taught everything that will help that 
individual gain the ability to grow and provide a decent life for themselves, that 
baby will grow into a vibrant, healthy and intelligent human being. 

For years they are continually learning new things. Absorbing and experiencing 
what their surroundings have to offer them. The more that they desire in 
their life and make an honest effort to reach for those things that they 
desire, the better the chances of them having a more fulfilled and happier 

Because every individual is unique in their own way, each person has their own 
genetic make up. Each person follows different life styles and will go about taking 
care of themselves differently from a health prospective. Because of this, there will always be 
a difference when certain changes in an individual’s body will take place. 

Some of these changes will happen earlier for some people than others and will be noticeable, 
while others may go unnoticed for a longer period of time. 

Sometimes when I see some elderly people, I wonder how and why 
the “cycle of life” happens as it does. 

Is it just the way the human body is? 

Is it the result of that person not taking care of themselves in a healthier 
way throughout life? 

Is it just the luck of the draw, so to speak, and this was the cards they were 
dealt in life? 

I have experienced in my personal life, family members with different levels 
of regression as they got older. 

My grandmother, lived to be 94 and her mind was as sharp as could be. She 
was quick, witty, took care of her finances, played cards, etc. However, she 
wasn’t able to get around due to her decreased eyesight and her inability to 
control her balance. 

My mother, lived to be 70, she suffered from dementia and her body was 
being eaten up with all different types of health issues. However, she was able 
to get up and move around okay without the assistance from others. 

Another family member, was absolutely sharp and mobile until it seemed just 
one day, out of the blue, they did not know anyone or anything. They had to 
have constant care in every aspect of living. 

Not everyone will fall into this “cycle of life” category, but for those that do, to me, it is just 
one more mystery in life. 

If there was a way to take control of what the passing of time and the 
effects of growing older has in store for you and your ability to live life to 
the fullest, would you take advantage of it?

Because It’s All About YOU! and Changing Yourself and Your Life for the Better




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