Motto for the New Year – Forward Ever, Backward Never


Another year is coming to a close. As you look forward to the coming New Year and all the possibilities that it could bring, you may also be looking back upon the past year wondering just where did all the hours, days, weeks and months disappear to.

As you look back and reflect, make sure and take note of all the good and the bad that you may have come through, making sure to remember all of the knowledge that you have gained through the year.

Even if you did not exactly succeed with what you were wishing to do at the time, I am sure that there was something that you learned from all your efforts.

As you remember all the things that you have gone through over the past year, pay special attention to all of the hard work and long hours that you may have spent on doing what many may have said was foolish or impossible.

You should not feel sad or discouraged for any circumstances that may have put your future dreams on hold or may have veered you off course a little. No, just the opposite. As long as you Never gave up on your dream or efforts to reach your desired goal, then you should feel an overwhelming flood of confidence in yourself. By you never giving up with what you really wish to do with your life, you did not let the powers that be, beat you down and take advantage of what or who you can be in the future.

Free yourself from any memories of bitterness or issues that you may have felt while dealing with anyone who may not have had the same views as you.

Prepare yourself to go forward into the New Year with a new sense of hope and confidence that whatever you wish to do, you will be able to accomplish as long as you Never Give Up.

Stay positive, have faith in yourself and your abilities, get what rest you need to enable you to keep moving forward with a clear head, but above all else…..Have FUN.

Don’t let anything stop you from going forward with what you know in your heart is what you need to do. The ground that you have already covered and the ground that you still need to cover to reach whatever you desire in life, is what will be looked on forever and always, as the foundation that you have had to lay for achieving the success in life that you so rightly deserve.

Because It’s All About YOU! and Changing Yourself and Your Life for the Better

Darleen Lanham




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