The Power of Praise

edificationHow many times have you heard that one way to be a success in life is to act successful?

If you wish to be a success in whatever you wish to do in life, and also be successful at helping others to reach the success they so desire in life, one of the key things you must have is the ability and the heart to encourage and inspire others along the way.

With each person that you meet each and every day, you must understand that you possess the power to either provide each person the encouragement that will help them continue on with their journey towards their future success, but at the same time, you also possess the power that could possibly destroy their will to continue on.

Your words and actions can prove to be very powerful when building a relationship with someone.

Have you ever experienced the feeling when someone might have praised you for something you had done well? Or on the other hand, have you ever received what you felt to be a negative comment or action from someone concerning something you had done? If so, wasn’t there a big difference in how you felt when it came to moving on and doing more of what you had just done?

There are people in life that you may encounter that will encourage you along your journey to your future success. When you receive that encouragement, you may have a feeling as if you were Superman or Superwoman. Because of their praise, you may have felt much more motivated to keep charging forward towards the goal that you had set for yourself.

However, unfortunate as it may be, there are also people who may be unkind or oblivious to how their words may affect others. If that were to happen to you, you may feel as if they had somehow managed to steal your dream away and your hopes from you and what you had wished so much to do with your life.

There is a lot to be said about the power of praising others and how you should go about building relationships with others in a way that will not only make you feel good about yourself and how you can help them, but your words and actions will also lift others up and inspire them to continue on their journey to which they MAY have not been so sure was right for them until they met you.

Praising someone not only will help them feel more motivated and confident in themselves and in their efforts to keep going towards what they believe in, but at the same time they will look at you as a person who truly cares for them and wants the best for them.

And you know what that means to both of you? It means that you will have successfully begun to build a positive and long term relationship that will do wonders in helping you both reach success in life.

Just be sure to always be honest in the praise that you hand out to others. If you truly feel that they deserve your praise, then by all means, go for it, let them have it. However, if you feel they may have done something wrong, why not try and help them do better. Just be careful not to belittle them or shoot them down in some way that may discourage them from trying to improve in all that they do.

Life is about relationships and how you treat others. Which in turn will reflect back on how you are looked upon by others.

Just take a moment and think about it. Who do you think will have a greater leadership and a greater capacity of influence in the lives of their followers, the one who steps on or over people, so to speak, without any thought to their feelings, or the one who does what they can to build them up and encourage them to succeed in all they wish to go after?

When a person is showered with the right amount of praise and shown appreciation for what they are trying to do with all of their heart and soul, they have a tendency to become extremely loyal to those who are kind enough to think of helping them in a way that others may not. They will then know that they are actually cared for, and that you truly appreciate them and wish them the best in life.

Even if you never get anything in return, it is the right thing to do to help encourage and build up other people in a way that they feel good about the path they are on, especially during those times that they may feel all is lost.

If you have the desire and care enough, you CAN be the change you may wish to see in the world.

Something as simple as taking a couple of minutes out of YOUR busy schedule to give them a call or maybe even a pat on the back could be all that is needed to keep them focused and motivated.

No matter how you look at it, there IS power in praising others for giving their best to reach their success in life.

Anyone can overcome any odds to achieve a successful life and help others achieve the same. As long as there is a strong enough Will to continue on no matter what may appear in their path, a strong enough Desire to become more than they are today and most importantly, a heart that cares for the good of all, not just oneself.

“We are not islands and we don’t get to the top by ourselves”. Chris Widener

Because It’s All About YOU! and Changing Yourself and Your Life for the Better
(and also having the heart and are willing to help others along the way who may need a boost)

Success will Abound for all those who deserve it and have put forth the effort to get there

power of praise


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