Passion for Having a Better Life

followpassionThe path in your life,
may never be straight.
Containing bumps and curves,
where many are great.

Your personal experiences,
have shaped who you are.
Embrace your mistakes,
and each unique scar.

There’s always new things,
in life we may learn.
With every page,
and chapter we turn.

There’s just one simple,
but very important rule.
Your passion for life,
should be used as your fuel.



While some of us may fight with everything we have in us to tackle and overcome something others seem to glide through, you have to keep the faith and keep believing in what you are doing and where you wish to be in life.

You must do all that you can to be happy not only with yourself but with the world around you.

If you want something bad enough, you MUST find the strength to keep on keeping on, even when the chips seem to keep stacking up against you.

Set your mind on the future that you so desire and the reality that you wish to create for yourself and pursue those goals passionately and intelligently with everything you can muster up.

Even if you stumble from time to time, get right back up, say to hell with what you just stumbled over and go right back to making the life you want.


Are you going to let just anything knock you down or are you going to kick dirt in the face of adversity and let it eat your dust?

The choice is YOURS as with everything in life.

Stand Straight, Stand Strong, Stand for What You Believe In.
Stand for Yourself and the Life you Deserve!

Because It’s All About YOU! and Changing Yourself and your Life for the Better



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